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Night Kiss Episode V - As it is Written

Night Kiss Episode V - As it is Written
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In Episode Five, As it is Written, Claire steals Rick’s beloved chalice and returns to her childhood home where she sequesters herself away from the rest of the world. While she spends time in the farmhouse attic, she discovers not only information about her past and her family, but learns more about herself, her strengths, and her determination to find a way back to Jack.

Back on Ocracoke Island in 1718, Jack has returned to his time with limited knowledge of the weeks spent with Claire. His brain fuzzy from time-travel, illness, and perhaps too much rum, he suffers the pain of loss but can’t quite put his finger one why…

…until he sees her again on the shore. His beloved Hannah Claire. And he waits, until the storm, the tide, and the full moon once again weave their magic….

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