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Night Kiss Episode II - The Lure of the Stone

Night Kiss Episode II - The Lure of the Stone

In Episode Two, The Lure of the Stone, Claire wakes in the bed of her lover after falling into his arms in the lighthouse. Or rather, jumping into his arms to escape the clutches of her suddenly evil ex-fiancé, Rick.

Soon Claire realizes she’s not in Kansas, um, North Carolina anymore. At least not the North Carolina she remembers. Her leap into the depths of the lighthouse not only released her from Rick’s clutches, but also sent her spiraling through time to a world three hundred years past.

A world with Jack—her mystical ghost lover. Claire must resolve her issues with becoming the lover of a man who from a different time, but also resist the lure of the magical stone, which might possibly hold the key to sending her back to her future—a future without Jack.

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