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Night Kiss Episode III - A Pigeon Comes Home

Night Kiss Episode III - A Pigeon Comes Home

In Part Three, A Pigeon Comes Home, Jack Porter finds himself scrambling and frantic to once again rescue his wife, Hannah Claire, from the clutches of the infamous pirate, Blackbeard. History is repeating itself and not in a good way.

Claire, after leaving the magical stone, is kidnapped on her way back to Jack's cabin and tucked into the nasty pirate's quarters for safe keeping. Blackbeard wishes to make her one of his many wives—a thought that both disgusts and sickens Claire. But she endures her trials aboard the pirate's ship, confident that her beloved Jack will find a way to rescue her.

Then, she is surprised to learn who else is on the ship with her—someone from her recent past. Someone she never expected to see again….

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