Witchling Summoned

Witchling Summoned
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Seeking Witchdom, Part 1 -- A Short Story

Jade McIntire is flunking out of WWU—Witches & Warlocks University. While retaking Potions & Lotions 201 for the third time, on the eve of Halloween no less, she meets up with a High Warlock of McScreamy proportions who delivers an urgent quest.

A quest, which for this witcherly-challenged, WWU near-dropout, seems impossible to achieve. Just when she thinks the task has been accomplished, she learns she’s been summoned—a High Warlock somewhere has chosen her for his future, High Witch mate. But if she can’t pass Potions & Lotions, how in the netherworld can she pass High Witch training?

What’s a lowly witchling to do, when the High Warlock of her McNightmares comes knocking with marriage on his mind?

"A great whip smart story of a sassy witch in training. This is my favorite of the bunch!" Night Owl Reviews (In Something Spooky This Way Comes)


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