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Once Upon a Blue Moon - Night Kiss Sampler

Once Upon a Blue Moon - Night Kiss Sampler


This is a FREE ebook sample of the time-travel novel, Night Kiss.

Read Part I or free! The complete novel is also available for sale. 

In Part One of Night Kiss, titled Once Upon a Blue MoonClaire Winslow vacations on an East Coast barrier island, content with her life and her potential future--until the illusion of a man walking the misty shore haunts her. Then one kiss--a beautiful, soulful, stolen kiss in the night--and her life changes forever. 

Can souls touch through time and hold on when all odds are against them? 

Nearly 300 years past, Jack Porter is in hot pursuit of his kidnapped wife. Not an easy feat considering the year is 1718 and the kidnapper is the notorious pirate Blackbeard aka Edward Teach. Determined to rescue his wife and take the pirate's head in the process, Jack steals aboard the pirate's ship to save her.

Thus begins the three-book saga of the Legend of Blackbeard's Chalice and how Jack and Claire's romp through time to retrieve the chalice affects not only their own lives but the lives of their future children. 
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