What Doesn't Kill You Romantic Suspense Box Set

What Doesn't Kill You Romantic Suspense Box Set
$9.99 $14.99

What Doesn't Kill You
Romantic Suspense Boxed Set

Four full-length romantic suspense novels by Maddie James. 

James deftly combines romance and suspense, so hop on for an exhilarating ride.
~ Sandra Garcia-Myers, 4 Stars, RT Book Reviews

Ms. James knows how to pen stories that engage the reader.
~ Linda L., Fallen Angel Reviews

Only $9.99 for the set!

($14.99 at Retail Stores)


A Perfect Escape

Megan just wants to get lost—in someone else’s life. Can she change her identity and finally be safe?

Safe Haven

Rebecca is home in Kentucky after surviving ten troublesome years in the Big Apple. But has trouble followed her back to the family farm?

Double Crossed

Two years after Kate’s husband is murdered she finds herself falling for another man. When that man turns out to be not whom she thought, she wonders if she’s been double-crossed.

Tempt Me

All Jordon wants is to solve the case of the missing kids. But can she put things into perspective when her ex interferes and complicates more than the case?

What readers and reviewers say about Maddie James Romantic Suspense Novels!

“Beware; it is difficult to stop reading once you start."

“Hard to put down a good read.”

"What a tangled web!”

“An intricate plot of mystery and suspense.” 

“James deftly combines romance and suspense.”

“…hop on for an exhilarating ride." 

"Wow. Maddie James has done it again.”

“…hooked me from the beginning and kept me grounded until the end.”

“Well-written story that delivers great range of emotions”

“Intense action at its best, and a great plot.”

“Fast-paced, suspenseful.”

“Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.”

“Highly recommend this book.”

“If you haven't checked out this author you must.”

"Just one more page, just one more page, okay, just one more page..." 

“Loved this book so much I've read it multiple times!” 

"If you enjoy a good suspense novel, grab this story as quickly as possible." 

“A great story combined with strong characterization and perfect pacing.”

“Ms. James an author to watch.”

“Brava Ms. James. I loved this story.”

“The story and characters were well developed and very interesting.”

“I stayed up into the early morning hours reading it. Then spent the next day reading it again.”

“Ms. James puts you right into the middle of what is happening.”

“The climatic ending was tense, terrifying and so good. Well worth the read.”

“James created so much more than a romance. This book reaches the heart and thrills the soul."

“A great read. Suspenseful and surprising twist.”

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