Wherever books are sold....

Wherever books are sold....
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Wherever books are sold. Ever heard that phrase? 

That used to be the standard phrase in traditional publishing when advertisers were selling books. "You can find the latest novel from bestselling author, [insert famous author name here] wherever books are sold!"

And today, that is probably still true--to an extent. 

The publishing industry has undergone quite a change in the past decade, or maybe two, which has caused some changes in how books are published and sold. Many traditionally published authors have their books available in all of the regular selling channels--books and mortar stores, discount stories, and so on. And sometimes, there are authors (like me) who may have started off as a traditionally published author, and then morphed into something a little different.

That something different is what Sand Dune Books is all about. This website is one way that I can control the selling of my books -- and how I interact with the readers who choose to buy my books.

I realize purchasing books from an independent author's website is a different experience, and sometimes, buyers are a bit wary. That's okay. I totally get it! I'm picky where I drop in the numbers of my credit card too! But I assure you that this site is safe, is operated by a reputable ecommerce platform, and that your best interests are always at the forefront. Having said that, if you ever do have a "not so great experience" purchasing books on this site, I want to know about it. Please email me directly at sanddunebooks@gmail.com

But back to "wherever books are sold..."

All of my books, no matter what pen name I am writing under, are sold here on this site. However--you can also find my books at all of the popular ebook and print book selling venues. Whether you like to shop at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, Google Play, or some of the other just as accessible book retailers around the globe, you will likely find my books there and available for sale.

I distribute wide, in as many platforms as I can. But the one thing that I can do here, on this site at Sand Dune Books, that I cannot do with the major retailers, is control how I plan sales, discounts, and deals for my loyal readers. What does that mean for you? That means that my marketing efforts largely revolve around this website and my books here. And my newsletter, is how you will learn of deals, sales, and discounts. 

Yes, you can definitely buy my books at your favorite retailer! In fact, here are the direct links:


But here at Sand Dune Books, is where you will find the best prices, deals, sales, and discounts. Remember to sign up for my newsletter for VIP alerts.

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