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Buying Books from Sand Dune Books

Buying Books from Sand Dune Books
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Thanks for dropping by Sand Dune Books (SDB). I hope you find stories here that interest you! 

Sand Dune Books is an independent publisher and is owned by author Maddie James. This imprint only publishes the work of Maddie and her pen names. (So in other words, there is no submission policy for SDB -- it's not that kind of publishing imprint!).

This site offers books in two formats--digital or ebook formats and paperback.

All digital ebooks are sold as downloadable products, in .mobi and .epub formats. When you purchase an ebook on this site, you are purchasing both, and you can choose which file to load to your device. 


Kindle users will require a .mobi format. You can sideload to your Kindle or send your SDB file to your Amazon Kindle device.

Other reading devices will require an .epub file, which you can also sideload. Kobo Reader | Nook DeviceHere is a helpful article from another publisher about sideloading books to an iPad. Or this one too.

Paperback books

Paperback books sold here are in trade paperback book format.

Look for discounts off regular retail price for paperback books. When a customer orders a paperback book, if we do not have the book in stock, we will order it from the wholesaler and ship direct to you. This may require a few additional days delivery time.

Books in stock will ship according to your purchase requests.

Autographed books are available on titles we have in stock, and the stock inventory on those can change. If a book is NOT available as an author signed copy, please check back, as we may offer it again as we replenish stock. Autographed books will often be shipped with additional swag, at the choice of the author.

Read more about our return and refund policy when purchasing ebook and paperback books from SDB.

Ebooks and paperback books are also available at other retail vendors, such as Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, and others. You can find direct links to those vendors on each book's detail page.


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