Be a Sand Dune Books VIP!

Be a Sand Dune Books VIP!
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Become a Sand Dune Books (SDB) VIP!

How? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, … and 4, 5!

  1. Sign up for the SDB newsletter (Maddie James/Sophie Jacobs) by visiting this link: or clicking any of the newsletter links on this site.
  2. Open newsletters when they hit your inbox.
  3. Click links in the newsletter and visit the SDB site.

Each step above earns you a higher rating in my newsletter list. Higher ratings = greater VIP perks! (Perks = discount codes, coupons, free reads, first access to exclusive content and new releases, VIP-only sales, and more)

Want to even further increase your VIP status? Go VIP+!

  1. Leave your reader footprint by providing social proof! Leave reviews on the SDB site, Goodreads, and/or retailer sites (Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, B&N)
  2. Share your reviews on social media. Also share SDB product pages, website links, blog posts, or social media posts with your network. Use the hashtag #SDBOOKSVIP on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to get credit for your share.

VIP+ readers have first access to new release ARCs, upcoming book teasers, free samples and full-length novels, swag, and more. VIP+ readers are dedicated readers, reviewers, and sharers of SDB content!

Are you ready to get started? Remember, the first step, is to sign up for the newsletter. If you haven’t already, you can do that right now and get a free ebook!

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